If we weren’t going to let CO2 levels at 407ppm, record high temperatures year after year-after-year, fires, floods and every extreme weather condition ever seen or imagined get us down, discouraged or depressed then we sure as hell aren’t going to let the Trump assault on everything we hold near and dear defeat us or stop a single thing we do.

We’re already taking on the most wealthy and most evil industry the world has ever known, against the greatest odds any people have ever faced, so we’re not about to be scared or slowed by a tinhorn racist dictator intent on destroying all he cannot comprehend or appreciate.

We resist – just as we have always resisted against those who would deny our children their rightful future.

We build – a movement so large, so vocal so powerfully filling the streets that we cannot be deterred.

We rise – above ignorance, above intolerance, above lies and alternative facts to demand truth and justice.

We have been fighting for the right things since South Bay Los Angeles 350 Climate Action Group launched in 2009 and we have always told the frank and direct truth about the rogue and reckless fossil fuel industry which is so insidiously ingrained in and throughout our communities.

We won’t back down and we won’t stop fulfilling our patriotic obligations as loyal Americans.