Sherry Lear – Organizer

13260105_10206442055427134_7329658715347251902_nSherry Lear is a practicing attorney and mother to a teenage boy.  She grew up in Illinois and moved to California for law school in 1987.  While at UCLA Law School, Sherry took part in a food drive to send supplies to the Navajo sheep herders facing eviction from Big Mountain by the coal industry.

In 2009, Sherry and her family moved to San Pedro in the Los Angeles Harbor area which is home to the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach and four refineries.  The Los Angeles Harbor has some of the worst air quality in the country and the impacts of the fossil fuel industry and climate change are heavily felt in the communities of color that live in this area.

As a resident in a front line community, Sherry is passionate about working on issues related to environmental justice and the improvement of air quality in the Harbor. Sherry works closely with our environmental justice partners in the Harbor including Communities for a Better Environment.

In 2013, Sherry helped to organize the Forward on Climate March in Downtown Los Angeles, which was supported by more than 100 organizations.  Sherry was one of the co-founders of the SoCal 350 Climate Action Group. In 2015, Sherry became a co-organizer of the South Bay 350, expanding our work into the Harbor area.  Sherry now heads up the 350 SoCal Legislative Committee, which coordinates work among Southern California based affiliated groups to get good environmental legislation passed and stop bad legislation. 350 South Bay L.A. continues to work with local politicians and their staff and, as necessary, to call them out.  During the 2016 election season, Sherry led the planning for the only local candidate forum on environmental issues. Among the candidates was Nanette Barragan, who was able to achieve an upset victory over the “establishment” Democrat candidate for a Congressional seat.

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Joe Galliani – Founding Organizer

Version 2For over 25 years, Joe Galliani made his living as a writer, creative director, brand strategist and subject matter expert in corporate America. Starting in 1988 he spent a decade writing Toy Fair scripts for Mattel’s Barbie, Disney, Nickelodeon, Hot Wheels and other classic characters; writing award shows, product videos, live tributes, press events and special events; and executive speeches and presentations for Mattel’s CEO and Presidents.  In 1994 Joe co-created Mattel’s Street Sharks successful male action toy line and animated TV series.

Joe has written/creative directed projects for Universal Studios, 20th Century Fox, Honda, Sony, Toyota, Tangle Toys, Washington Mutual, Hewlett Packard, Dow Chemical, Lexus and CBS, among others.

Joe’s nonprofit pro bono work includes his role as the founder, organizer and spokesperson for the South Bay Los Angeles 350 Climate Action Group; volunteering with GRID Alternatives installing solar on low income and Habitat for Humanity houses; working with the South Bay Environmental Services Center and the South Bay Cities Council of Governments Green Task Force.

Joe is one of the founders of the South Bay Bicycle Coalition and is an Emeritus member of their board of directors; he was an integral member of the team that secured a $250,000 grant to create a seven-city bicycle master plan and successfully got it approved by seven South Bay City Councils.  From 2009-2010 Joe was a founding member of the Hermosa Beach Carbon Neutral City Committee, having co-created the Carbon Neutral City initiative.  In 2011 Joe became a founding member of the Vitality City Blue Zones Bike/Walk committee and helped get its Livability Plan passed by the city councils in the target cities of Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach.

In 2010 Joe began working with EcoMedia following their acquisition by CBS.  Joe was the author of both the 2010 CBS Green Report and 2011 CBS Green Report.  In January of 2012, Joe joined the EcoMedia staff full time as the Director of Strategic Partnerships and Public Affairs.

Joe resigned from his EcoMedia position on October 1, 2013 to work as the full time Organizer of the South Bay Los Angeles 350 Climate Action Group.  He is the co-creator of the MB2025 vision for 100% renewable energy powered Manhattan Beach by 2025 and partnered with the City to produce the Earth Hour Light Up Your Future event at the Manhattan Beach Pier and the MB2025 Forum.

In September of 2011 Joe was honored with the South Bay Business Environmental Coalition’s 2011 SEED Education and Outreach Award. Joe was named a 2014 Environmental Hero Award winner at the Manhattan Beach annual Earth Day Celebration.

In June of 2014 Joe became the Chair of the South Bay Clean Power Initiative and is working to bring Community Choice Power to the 20 cities of the South Bay and West Side Los Angeles County. On March 17, 2015 the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a resolution to explore the County’s CCA options and to fund a feasibility study as requested by South Bay Clean Power.  The Feasibility Study was delivered in July of 2016 and Joe is now working with the County of Los Angeles and a variety of cities to help launch California’s largest Community Choice Power program.